woensdag 14 oktober 2009

Baby, baby, baby.

This song is so nice! And those girls are very, very brave for walking down the street NAKED.
I think this is an awesome video.

What do you think? Cool or a little bit too much?

6 opmerkingen:

Laura zei

very cool!

Anna G. zei

It's cool video, wow, I admire those girls, I would never do thing like that.

Hi from Poland;)
love your blog!

Raez zei

this is awesome:P and no different than when alannis morissette did it. and haha, maybe i would do it, but only if i was somewhere where nobody knew me!
xx raez

Adrienne zei

Wow! I think it's great - after all no one really looks twice at a man with his shirt off do they? - but I am relieved to see them switching off shifts!

Adri zei

Real modern and provoking,though I bet they weren't even naked for real,just the editors made them look alike.

Tsca zei

Wauw, coole video! gedurfd en vind het wel leuk dat ze zoiets durven, maar zou het zelf nooit doen