woensdag 21 oktober 2009

Just BEAT it.

I'm sorry for my absence, but I was soooo busy with our school paper. We had to fill 48 pages, and I designed A LOT. 29 pages, to be exact.
The deadline was today, 15:00, and we made it! I'm really proud of myself, because I've spend many, many hours on this project, but I loved every minute of it. Okay, almost every minute :P
Making magazines is really cool. I also wrote a few articles: I made a youtube-special (with another girl), a page with the agenda of a local popstage and last but not least, a mode-special.
The picture above is the cover I designed, I'm really happy with it and I hope my fellow students like it too.

Oh and hip hip hooray; this is my 300th post! Really weird, I was typing the beginning of this post, and then I thought: hmm maybe this is a 250th or 300th post or something, I have to check it. And tadahhh, yes it was. Sometimes you just have some sort of feeling haha.

Yesterday I went to Amsterdam with my mother. Bought really cool things. I have to babysit in about 45 minutes, so - hopefully - I'm able to take pictures and update tonight.


3 opmerkingen:

Pien zei

Ziet er tof uit! Gefeliciteerd!

Marie zei

Heee Marjolein,
ik was gister op je blog gestuiterd en
ik heb al jouw 300 berichten gelezen, ik kon gewoon niet stoppen haha.
Ik vind jouw stijl echt onwijs tof en je hebt me zo geïnspireerd,
dankjewel! xxx

Mirthe zei

En... nog 1 follower en je hebt de 100! En ik ga dat zijn, want ik followde je alleen nog maar via bloglovin:)

Leuke schoolkrantvoorkant! (dat rijmt, yeah)