vrijdag 9 oktober 2009

Pirouettes and Photoshop

Yay the iceskate-season has started! Haven't figure-skated for 6 months now, aah. So excited :) Luckily my skates still fit, so I'm ready to make some pirouettes!
(haha I almost fell in the second picture, look at the wild hair ='))
Today we discussed about our schoolpaper (I do the layout. With some other people, but I'm in charge, muahaaa :P). I hope it's going to be nice.

And this weekend is gonna be great.


6 opmerkingen:

Pien zei

haha, ik heb die schaatsen ook :)

Stéphanie zei

Ik vind jou echt een heel leuk meisje met een vrolijke uitstraling :).

Mirthe zei

woooo huge tv!
ik vind schaatsen echt briljant. echt super vet dat je het zo goed kunt!

Raez zei

haha, you are so cute! i cant wait until it gets cold enough, because in the winter, the park across my house builds an icerink!

one day you will haev to show us your moves:)

xx raez

Frauke zei

Jouw site is zo ontzettend fantastisch<3

Suzanne zei

oeh, leuk topje!