zaterdag 14 november 2009

Paolo, I love you <3

I totally forgot to tell you, but yesterday I went to Amsterdam to see Paolo Nutini! It was soooo amazing, we stood totally in front, like 2 meters away from him. I could almost touch him! He and his band were absolutely amazing.
This was definitely worth the long trip to Amsterdam and the months I spend waiting for him to come to the Netherlands! I've listened to his music for 2,5 years now, so it was a dream come true haha. It was a great, great, great performance.
I took many photographs, so if you weren't there: enjoy the eye candy (and if you were there, enjoy it again. omg he's so prettyyy)

And hahah I got one of the set lists! A girl next to me (we were pushing each other the whole time, she was very annoying) reached out to the setlist and suddenly I jumped and got the sheet of paper before she had it. hahaha she was MAD ohh seriously, I always make friends at concerts <3

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Marie zei

Ooh, thats awesome that you get to go to a concert that you really wanna go to! I feel that way with Within Temptation. I really want to go to a concert with them, and I hope they come to Norway soon, or I can see them in Holland :)

Mirthe zei

Ah wat geweldig. Paradiso is sowieso fijnnnn. Ik heb ook een setlist van Noah and the Whale!:D xxxxx

Stéphanie zei

Leuke foto's! Grappig hoe je de setlist hebt gekregen :P.

mabingham zei

Hi, your photos are great. Could I share them on I help maintain this page with a friend of mine. I am "mabingham". I live in the United States and love Paolo also. I saw him 3 times this summer. So glad you saw him live....since you have been listening for a while. And, you are so young! I am an old lady of 53....but always young at heart.

Anoniem zei

Omg, ik kwam toevallig op je blog terecht en toen zag ik dat je naar Paolo bent geweest, daar ben ik ook heen geweest! En nog grappiger, je schreef dat je de setlist had gepakt haha, ik heb gezien dat iemand dat pakte en dat was jij dus! Ö

Tsca zei

Hij is echt super ! en prachtige liedjes !