woensdag 18 november 2009

You are invited.

It's New Year's Eve. I'm among the coolest people ever, they're all incredibly nice and - of course - beautiful. Everyone is dressed up marvellous, not because they had to, just because they wanted to. Glitters, shiny bra's, glistening make-up, dazzling shoes.
The music is great and everyone is dancing on their high heels. It doesn't matter where this party takes place, it's cool anyway, anywhere.
Magical dresses, gorgeous boys, sequins, mysterious masks.
We keep on partying till the sun comes up, and then we continue till night falls. High heels are laying all over the floor, girls are dancing bare feet now.
At last, we fall asleep under the open sky and in our dreams we keep on dancing and dancing.

5 opmerkingen:

Suzanne zei

haha, ik zie het al helemaal voor me! meteen zin om te partyen!

aYZ zei

ik heb je blog rustig bekeken
en gosh LOVE ITT
your doing a great job, keep it up !

Judith zei

Haha na dat heerlijke verhaaltje heb ik echt zin om uit te gaan:D

Fashion Nicotine zei

Geweldige items!

Meloentje zei

As life should be!