zondag 20 december 2009

I tell myself I got nothing to lose

Still very snowy here! Allstars and snow is not the best combination =')
In love with my mint green hat, bought it at the H&M a few days ago. Not everyone will like it, but ahh I love it <3 mint green is one of my favourite colours.

20 opmerkingen:

Elizabeth Ruby zei

Your hat is super cute :)
And I agree I tried to wear my converse in the snow and I was sliding around all over the place, better stick to wellies I think :P
Lovely photos, love this post :D

Fleur zei

Nice pants! Got them too :)

Suzanne zei

die muts met je allstars zijn echt leuk samen :D

swans horses and wolves zei

wat sta je lief op de foto!

Pien zei

Wat een lieve foto's!

Stéphanie zei

Ah, nee. Je moet echt geen all stars dragen in de sneeuw volgens mij ;)

Natalie zei

such a cute outfit! i love ur mint green hat and red convees :))



thalialouise zei

wow the red stands out in the snow so much. something to put a smile on anyones face i love it !
so funny how you have snow and i have amazing sunny days happening in australia :)

Charlotte zei

Ah, mijn voeten waren echt helemaal bevroren in mijn All Stars!

Leuke foto's!

Lia in Strawberry Fields zei

thank you:)
you're blog is so lovely!
wanna follow each other?

Anoniem zei

waar heb jij die broek vandaaaaan?!

Marina Siero zei

cute pics!
i love snow :)

Maxine zei

leuke foto's! de foto in je hearder rechts onderin met het masker en schaduw, heb jij die gemaakt? want ik herinner me nog een werdstrijd met die foto :)

Cate zei

your blog is super cool!

ariela♥ zei

Your hat looks so cozy!

Forgetmenot zei

You can say bye bye to your converses!
Well, at least they looked great on the picture, so did the hat ;)

Panda zei

hey there!
Just randomly stumbled upon your blog - its gorgeous :) Your hat is super awesome, and the quality of these pictures are so good! Converses are the best in snow, i agree <3
Panda xx

*follows you*

Glittergolds. zei

zooo leuk!

Judith zei

Hihi wat ben je schattig zeg!
En je rode allstars springen overal boven uit. Zelfs in de dikke sneeuw!

Teenage (ariel) Dirtbag zei

converseeeess! so awesome