woensdag 25 februari 2009

Empire Of The Sun - Walking On A Dream

I saw this song on MTV yesterday, and really liked it :)

Although the singers are quite.. weird. Very strange video. Ah well, at least it's colorfull :D
have fun listening!

dinsdag 24 februari 2009

Dr. Martens sandals.

I saw these gladiator sandals in a magazine, and I think they're great! I don't like all the other Dr. Martens shoes, but these ones are actually really nice.

I also made a photo of the add in the magazine, so you can see how they look when someone has wears them.

Cool, right?

They also made me think of the Yves Saint Lauren Cage shoe, (which I do not like that much btw)

The Dr. Martens cost €109,90. Too bad they're quite expensive.
Do you like the Dr. Martens Hourglass buena strappy sandal? (pff what a name xD)

maandag 23 februari 2009

hahah xD

haha ok I think this is so funny x'D

it was meant to be a outfit-shot, but when I wanted to edit it with photoshop, I saw my sister's face =')
The toothbrush hanging out of her mouth does the rest.



i'm back! there was sooo much snow, I'll post some pictures later.

But for now, I have a carnaval-outfit for you. Carnaval is a fest we have in Holland, it's sort of a version of Halloween, everyone dresses up, really weird or just like something (bee, pirate, nerd).
I was a feminine sailor!

Because I didn't have time to buy something special, I just wore my normal clothes, but I combined them in a way it looked very sailorish haha.


vrijdag 13 februari 2009



Yeah! tomorrow I'm going towards the big snowy mountains!
I'm so looking forward to it, no more Nintendo Wii-skiing for me, I'm up for tha real thing.
butttt that also means I'm gonna leave you for 1 week :( but don't worry, I'll be back (hopefully with my legs and arms still intact)

But, I'm not gonna leave you with nothing. I have an outfit for you, yay xD

See you back in one week, have a great holiday!


donderdag 12 februari 2009

Looklet, the new polyvore.


There's a new site, called www.looklet.com, and it's amazing! Soon it will come online, but there's a test-version now so you can try it out already!
(you can try LOOKLET-3644220725 to register) I already made some outfits, and it's so much fun, especially because you can really see the clothes on the model.
The only bad thing is that there aren't so much shoes to choose out, but well, I think they will update the shoe-section when the site is really online.

Have fun!

woensdag 11 februari 2009

Lady Gaga

When I saw 'just dance' for the first time, I thought Lady Gaga would be another blonde girl who can't sing. But after I saw this video, I totally changed my opinion. She really CAN sing!

dinsdag 10 februari 2009

Ugly creations part II

For more disgusting bags/shoes/clothes see part 1.

Hahaha I can only laugh at these shoes. It reminds me of a donkey, in a strange way. They're probably one of the most ugly shoes I've ever seen xD

And then this jumpsuit-thing. Well, I don't like long jumpsuits, if I would wear a jumpsuit, it would be a short and cute one.. But this one is obvious NOT cute en NOT short. And the fabric! and those ruffles at the top! it's horrible.

Leather can be nice, a jacket can be nice, fringles can be nice. But these facts will never make this jacket nice. It's so.. cowboy-ish and ugly. bleh.

Well, let be honest, they aren't uglier than the first shoes. But they aren't pretty either! They're quite.. ehh, awful. Who would ever wear this? And besides that, it isn't practical. Why would you want sneakers with heels? Heels are made to be pretty, feminine and uncomfortable , sneakers are made to be comfortabel and nót very feminine, so WHY would you mix those two things? It's just not a good idea, people! (perhaps for a Stiletto Run contestant they would be useful, although I question who want to be seen with these shoes in public.)

woooh sequins-overload. If you want to sparkle and be seen, choose this dress. I guess it is quite a head-turner. But really béautiful.. no.

Raaarwh, this coat is very wild. And very ugly too. I'm not a huge fan of animal-prints, but it can be nice, just a little animal-touch to your outfit. This is just too much animal for one coat.. and it's so BIG! you would totally drown in it. And it's very cheap-looking too.

haha hope you enjoyed it! I save everything ugly I see on the internet (And then I mean clothes and accessories, not something like.. this)
so once in a few months I will upload another "ugly creations".
Keep laughing!


vrijdag 6 februari 2009

I feel your love.

I see your face
I smell your perfume
I hear your voice

I taste your lips
But most of all
I feel your love

Photo and poem are made by me ^^

donderdag 5 februari 2009

Post #100, whoehoeee.

Yeahh I reached the 100 posts, and I'm not even a little bit tired of updating this blog, it's a miracle xD

Sooo I made a little selection out of the 100, have fun reading/looking ^^

Is it a shoe? Is it a bag? I don't know, but it's UGLY
Music, I'm so in love with my music
Le Cantou
New year's eve dress


woensdag 4 februari 2009

Tiago Iorc

A few weeks ago I discovered this singer :)
He has really relaxing songs, I think he's a mix between a bit Paolo Nutini, a bit Justin Nozuka and a bit John Mayer.

Tiago Iorc - nothing but a song

AND he's also very cute, look