zondag 31 mei 2009

Try outs.

Inspired by a girl from a forum, I 'made' this shirt-dress with a shirt from my father :) Just trying something out ^^

zaterdag 30 mei 2009

Paolo Nutini, sunny side up.

Today I bought Paolo Nutini's brand new album: Sunny side up.
I never buy cd's, but since I'm a diehard-paolo fan, I HAD to buy it haha.

So, a little review:
This album is quite different from These Streets. On these streets there are a lot of ballads (like Autumn, Last request, White lies etc.)
On Sunny side up there are some really happy, uptempo songs (like 10/10 and Pencil Full of load) and also some ballads (Tricks of the trades, Keep rolling etc.) And some songs that are just right in between, like Coming up easy and Candy. I like these songs the most :)
Simple Things is a little bit too western-like for me.
Overall, I like it 'cause it's Paolo Nutini and his voice is amazing (that accent! <3) but I wouldn't say it's better than These Streets.
I think These streets have some really, really beautiful songs (and I love ballads haha) but Sunny Side up is just a lot happier and has songs in an other style. A style I don't recognize in previous songs.
Yeah, These Streets is still my favourite, but Sunny Side up is also really nice and you should buy it if you like Paolo!

Candy, Coming up easy and Tricks of the trades are my favorite songs from Sunny Side Up. It's in store now and costs €20,-

vrijdag 29 mei 2009

Zipia inspiration.

Shoe collection

Hey chica's,

Yay, weekend! finally.
and monday we're free, and then tuesday, wednesday ánd thursday I'm free too! We're gonna practise our schoolmusical those days. Thursday evening is the big night, I'm very excited :D
anyways, here is my current shoe collection. I have some more, but these ones I really wear. The other ones are just standing in my room, doing nothing. Maybe I should throw them away.. hmm.

Van Haren, Topshop, Topshop, Van haren
Converse, Converse, Converse, Converse
H&M, Topshop, Victoria (don't mind the dirtyness), Diba
Le ballon, Le ballon


woensdag 27 mei 2009


Martina McBride - concrete angel

Such a beautiful song, and it's so sad :( You should really listen to the lyrics.

maandag 25 mei 2009

vintage red dress

Saw this dress at Laura Dols in Amsterdam. Didn't buy it, but I love the atmosphere in this photo :)

zondag 24 mei 2009

DIY danny roberts tee

I promised to show you the DIY print for this shirt, so here it is!

(click for bigger version)

When you want the print as big as I have done, you have to split the picture in two and use 2 pieces of transferpaper:

(click for bigger versions)

Note: I didn't draw the print, I only coloured it with Photoshop. The original shirt is designed by Danny Roberts and looks like this:

Have fun do it yourselfing!

chains and flowers

And 3 times hooray for this sweet sixteen-years-and-one-day old girl, her party yesterday was amazing! I gave her a 'troy necklace', like the one here. 'cause High school musical is just our thing hahah, and I'm also making a t-shirt for her :)


some things just don't change. Some things do.

My room is almost the same! (except for the huge improvement in the wardrobe). I still have the same desk, computer, bed, sheets etc.
haha I look so young in the first photo! it's almost a year ago xD I hate those trousers now, they make my legs look fat haha.

More (and better) outfit photo's later today!

zaterdag 23 mei 2009

Amsterdam 22-05-09

whoehhh sorry for the lack of updates the last few days, but I was very busy with school and yesterday morning I went to Amsterdam with my mom and sister.
BUT I'm back, with new shoes, accessoires and adventurous story's!

at first, the shoes I bought! The allstars are second-hand, but in really good condition, and only €25! The fringe sandals I bought at the H&M (divided) and the last ones I bought at topshop (as you could read on my blog a few posts back)

And then the rest I bought (unfortunately I didn't find clothes :( everything was just too boring or too expensive)
The tights are both from H&M, the sunglasses are from Pimkie, the chain necklace is from the H&M and the chapstick is from the Bodyshop (omg it smells delicious, chocolate!)

And I bet you're all very curious to know the adventurous story's. Well, we went by train from Amsterdam to Schiphol. At Schiphol we had to take the bus, to Aalsmeer (where the studio and the hotel was). So we arrived at Schiphol, and we had to get off the train, but I almost forgot my shoes, so I was a little bit slow. My mother was already off the train, and she stood on the platform, and when my sister and I got to the door, it closed! So we were still in the train, and we were heading to some unknown destination, while my mom was left behind at Schiphol.
We didn't know where we were going to, there was a chance the train wouldn't stop in hours! but luckily the train stopped after half an hour and we found a train back to Schiphol.
pfiew xD haha afterwards it is quite funny, but at the time it was really scary :P

Oh and we waited an HOUR for a burger and fries at a stupid restaurant called 'De oude Veiling' in Aalsmeer. well, we waited, but at the end we didn't even GET the burger and the fries, so we had to go to the Albert heijn and buy there some croissants and eat them as dinner.
So long live Albert Heijn!
and De oude veiling, you suck.


dinsdag 19 mei 2009

kwek kwek.

yesterdat's outfit with a cute duck-necklace from my mom :)

maandag 18 mei 2009

Dancing in a long dress.

zaterdag 16 mei 2009


And I ordered these shoes at topshop!

vrijdag 15 mei 2009

new lipgloss.

Yesterday I bought two lipglosses for the price of one with my sister. It looked so cool, with the light in it, and the colors were nice too.
I love the fact it looks quite chique and expensive, but it was only €2,50 each :D
The only thing I don't like is the taste, it's a.. chemical taste. Hmm not so nice.
I would buy it if I were you!


edit: oh btw, it's from Etos!

woensdag 13 mei 2009

things I like on the internet, part I

leather studded shoes, Topshop £28,-

Cute red dress, Topshop - £48,-

beautiful bikini, Victoria Secret - $84,-

Sneakers with flowers, Topshop - £20,-


Today's outfit. My brother has bought this shirt for me in Disneyland Paris :D
I also got a new book, Chanel Chic (you can see it in the left corner on the first picture) hope it's a fun book :)
oh and yeah I didn't like my face, so I made myself anonymous :P

my latest youtube finds

I'm sorry for the lack of updates the last few days, but I'm soooo busy with school. Pff teachers are stupid.
To make it up to you, here are some lovely songs I found on youtube :)

Motorcycle - Imagination
ahh this song is so pretty <3

Matt Wertz - everything's right
Cute guy, nice song. Good combination :D

Sia - Day too soon (acoustic)
The original version is also really great, click here to listen it. Her voice is amazing.

have fun!

zondag 10 mei 2009

Downside up

Happy mothersday!
I'm giving my mother a self-painted stool (you can see it on the picture, although, you can't see it that good :P) and tickets for a live show of Dancing with the stars :D

I also made my own t-shirt with transfer paper! I'll show you better pics later + the print, so you can make it yourself too ^^


chocolate cakeee

what's more fun and delicious than making a chocolate cake? :D
I love decorating food <3

zaterdag 9 mei 2009

lovestory meets viva la vida

I didn't post a music video on wednesday, sooo:

it's fantastic! <333
They're so talented, I absolutely love it.

donderdag 7 mei 2009

babydoll time

Received my topshop dress I've bought on eBay! It's much brighter in real, but I like it :) The color is most like in the close-up photo with necklace.
It's a littlebit short, but I wear it with a tight black skirt underneath it ^^


H&M fall collection.

woensdag 6 mei 2009

Love letters.

Made it today :) click for bigger version!

maandag 4 mei 2009

Today's outfit

zaterdag 2 mei 2009

Rosé, I love your delicate way

Shopping outfit from today (I wore my pyjama's till I went shopping xD).
Bought cute rosy jewellery :)
Tonight I have a birthday party and after that a friend and me are going to have a High school musical-marathon haha. I guess I'm dead tomorrow.


walibi world!

Yesterday I visited Walibi with my best friend, my sister and a friend of my sister.
It was really nice! Even standing 45 minutes in a row for a rollercoaster was fun with Tess xD (see the last picture(s))
and oh oh I hate those jeans. I wanted to wear my topshop jeans but they weren't clean so I had to wear these ones. They're too tight and too low and too short hehe.

Oh and for the dutchies; ik ga naar het bevrijdingsfestival in Zwolle! dus als je ook gaat en me ziet, roep dan even haha :D


vrijdag 1 mei 2009

Queens night '09.

29 april I went to Enschede with some friends to celebrate queen's night. It was really nice!

1. This is 'De jeugd van tegenwoordig'. They asked us: where is the love? And then we all had to make a heart with our hands <3
2. another shot of DJVT
3. me with Maaike and Marijn. We're holding a pack of chocolatcookies and I'm like: COOKIEEES :D
4. ohhh this was such a stupid thing! I wanted to make a photograph of Maaike and Marijn, and I walked backwards. But suddenly there was this stupid.. cat-thing and I almost fell over it x'D
5. lights lights lights
6. Me and Maaike with her sunglasses. and omg my bang really look weeeird here.