vrijdag 31 juli 2009

cinema outfit


i'm back! it's quite.. cold here. I'm used to the hot weather in Italy hehe.
Yesterday evening I've seen Harry Potter 6 at the cinema, great movie! I wore this:
(haha the second photo; FIERCE) oh and look how blond I am! It looks like it's finally matches with my personality hahah.

I'll post more pictures of my vacation later, now I'm gonna see my best friend :)


donderdag 23 juli 2009


I love these shoes <3
topshop ~ 65 pounds.

oh and I bought a new dress and a cardigan yesterday :) I'll show them when I'm back (or maybe earlier)
it's extremely hot here right now, 42 degrees celcius. pfff


maandag 20 juli 2009

Italy 2009


Wiehoe, internet is working again so I can FINALLY update my blog.
I've found my friends, there are a lot dutch young people now and we're having a really nice time :) tonight we're gonna eat pizza all together :) oh and the weather is fantastic, it's reallyyyy hot here.

A few photographs of the last 2 weeks:
^ haha me being silly at the supermarket.

Okay I wanted to show more pictures of the nature and stuff, but imageshack is doing very annoying so you have to do it with this.

Oke have a great week and I'll try to update again this week.


zaterdag 11 juli 2009

RW, day three & italy

Hey there! First of all, this message is live from Italy! I made this update below a few days earlier.
The weather is reeeeally hot here, and there's alot of sun. I'm not sure where the nice (dutch) people are though. I guess they're hiding or something because I haven't spoke to one yet hehe.
Ah well, hopefully I'll meet some friends next week!
See you later!


On the third day I've seen; regina spektor, katy perry, franz ferdinand, yeah yeah yeahs, Kings of leon, and 2manyDJ's.

hahah I LOVE the last picture, it's so funny x'D After we saw Kings of Leon, I was so tired. but the beats of 2manyDJs made me dance, it was so much fun.
Regina spektor's voice was as beautiful as always, and Katy perry is such a cool person haha. she even asked a girl to join her on the stage and dance!

donderdag 9 juli 2009

tutu tutu tutu

Today's outfit. (well, actually yesterday's)
I'm wearing my new ballerina dress, as a skirt. Hmm I'm not sure about the black-nude-black thing, but ah well. I love the skirt/dress :)

also got a haircut. It's not really obvious, I just shortened it a bit.


woensdag 8 juli 2009

RW, day two

I've seen Amy Macdonald, Elbow, Jason Mraz, bloc party, the Killers and Coldplay (click for a little video) this day.
You really have to see that video, I also found this vid on youtube.
Coldplay was absolutely my favourite :) And I'm going to see them again on 09-09-09 in Nijmegen!

Oh, tomorrow I'm heading to Italy for 3 weeks! But I'm gonna make some updates now, so you don't have to miss me 3 weeks haha :P
I hope there's internet.

dinsdag 7 juli 2009

RW, day one

I've seen: Fleet Foxes (click for a little video), Placebo, Oasis, the prodigy and a bit of Pendulum

maandag 6 juli 2009

I'm back

i'm back.

It was amazing and the weather was fantastic (and HOT). three days of full sun, I couldn't believe it. The last day it rained for only half an hour, so overall we were SO lucky :D
I'm gonna sleep now. Going to bed at 4 in the morning every night isn't really advisable haha.

one photograph, the rest is coming during the next days I guess.



woensdag 1 juli 2009


Shopped the last pieces of clothes for Rock Werchter tomorrow.
How could I survive without a hat, with 30 degrees celcius O_o

Hat (H&M), shorts (H&M), ballerina dress (H&M), top (H&M), black lace dress (topshop via Ebay), striped top (H&M)
haha, how do you mean I love H&M?

oh and don't mind the stupid faces =')

You won't hear of me in four days, I guess!
So have a great weekend, and for the ones who are also going to RW: have fun and scream if you see me! haha.


we live in a beautiful world

Tomorrow I'm heading to Werchter.

Later today an update about my new clothes!