dinsdag 23 februari 2010

I love you in the morning.

Hello there! My father brought his macbook so here I am with a quick update from South-Germany. We arrived here saturday afternoon. On sunday and monday the weather was really good, so we went skiing. At first I tried to snowboard but after falling down (x100) I decided that wasn't a thing for me xD
At night the sky is absolutely beautiful, you can see all the stars and it's SO quiet. Just you and your thoughts. Wish I could photograph the sky so you could see it.
The photographs above are both the view from the balcony of the house, it's so pretty, especially at morning and at night.

Now it's time to play cards with the family!
Have a great week!

8 opmerkingen:

Jantine zei

Ah, wauw! Nog een leuke vakantie! ;)

Kirsten zei

Oh ik ben jaloers! Ziet er zooo mooi uit!
Veel plezier nog!

XB zei

Wauw, jaloers!

Trouwens, bloc party - sunday? Haha.
Veeeel plezier nog :D

My stylediary zei

Wauw mooi uitzicht ! :D

Mirthe zei

Ah, zo krijg ik ook zin om op wintersport te gaa.

FashionLikes zei

Ziet er mooi uit! Veel plezier nog!


Sarah zei

Mooie foto's! Have fun :D!
ik heb je trouwens een award gegeven, zie m'n blog.

IRIS zei

wauw gave foto's!