dinsdag 1 juni 2010

Pinkpop day I

Seen live: Epica, Paolo Nutini, Kasabian, Black box revelation, Rammstein.
Liked most: Paolo Nutini, Kasabian

On friday we woke up at 5 AM and at 6 AM we went to Pinkpop. Exciting! Our luggage was heavyyy, but the weather was really nice so the walk to the camping wasn't that bad.
At the camping I met some people my boyfriend knew, and together we drank our first festival beer! My other 3 friends arrived a little later, because they had to go by train. I was at pinkpop with 6 boys by the way haha. Five of my best guy-friends and my boyfriend :)
Well, after they had arrived, we went to the festival-area, where we saw Epica (didn't really liked it), Kasabian (awesome!), Black box revelation (2 guys making really cool music), Paolo Nutini (love of my life, did an amazing job, as always) and Rammstein (not my kind of music AT ALL, but they had a really cool show with a lot of fire).

7 opmerkingen:

Sarah zei

Mooie foto's, je broeeeek <3!

Jantine zei

Leukleuk! :)

Fashiable zei


Anja zei

I'm going to see Kasabian this summer, too ! they're awesome!

elisse zei

leuke foto's!

energydrinks zijn bij mij trouwens ook echt een sleutelmoment op festivals..

Glamour Bbey. zei

Die broek is echt leuk bij je

Midnight Bottle zei

wat cool dat je ook naar PP bent geweest! maar je hebt wel echt wat gemist bij the Gossip! Beth Ditto was echt geweldig live! ben benieuwd wie je nog meer hebt gezien!