woensdag 8 september 2010

I'm on my own.

Thought it would be nice to talk a bit about my television-habits haha. So these are my favourite series :) Glee is just superawesome, love all the singing and the humour. Pretty little Liars is really sensational at times and Gossip girl.. well do I need to say why? Fantastic clothes, people and storyline.. Can't wait for season 4!
I love Ugly Betty, she's such a sweet girl and I totally adore Marc & Amanda together. They are hilarious! The Hard times of RJ Berger is pretty cool too, very funny.

What are your favourite series?

4 opmerkingen:

eva zei

Grey's Anatomy, Private practice, Friends, ER, Cougar Town, Lie To Me, en nog zoo veel meer.

Amber zei

oeh glee is echt geweldig!
en gossip girl!the real world,the hills,the city,dexter,nip-tuck!
x amber

iUnderEye zei

the Hard times of RJ Berger has just landed in the UK. am I missing anything, is it good, i need details. I LOOOOVE desperate housewives and fugly betty x


Forever Petite zei

Ik vind pretty little liars echt zo geweldig! Jammer dat er in Januari pas weer nieuwe afleveringen komen.