dinsdag 14 december 2010

Yes, I do.

Ohhh every girl dreams about her future wedding sometimes, right? I know I do..
I get totally mesmerized by all those creative, beautiful pictures. Like, seriously. I already have the perfect wedding in mind; on a summer evening, in the open air. A lot of nature around us. Lots of pretty lights. The party takes place in a huge partytent with a fantastic wooden dancefloor and a great band. And everyone's dressed up in cute short dresses and costumes and they all wear pretty colourful shoes. It's gotta be a bit like.. the typical festival-feeling (if you know what I mean). That 'it's summer and I love my life'-feeling.
I found a lot of pretty pictures for you, as inspiration :)

What does your perfect wedding look like?

4 opmerkingen:

Raez zei

Haha, I think I'm the only little girl who never dreamed about weddings; im not a fan of the idea. nonetheless it's always fun fantasizing dreamy parties and floaty dresses and dancing all night with friends:)

your summer wedding sounds very quaint! like a really fun, cool party:)

xx raez

NINA zei

oeeh ziet er super uit! als een echte droombruiloft! xo

Jess zei

Eigenlijk wil ik niet trouwen maar die foto's zien er prachtig uit.


Nadia zei

dat klinkt echt precies als mijn droombruiloft :O