donderdag 6 januari 2011

One is good.

I'm sorry to bore you guys with all these buys the last weeks, but my outfits are not that special because the weather has been awful. Snow & ice, all week long. Today it was finally raining, so I hope most snow is gone by now.
I promise to post more outfit pics next week, so don't unfollow please xD

Anyway, today I bought this Max Factor foundation at Etos, and it's pretty nice. I'm super pale so I was really glad they had my colour :)
I got that Vibrant Curve Effect lipgloss for free, and although it's not my favourite colour, it's a really nice lipgloss. Not sticky at all (oh man, I hate sticky lipglosses. Never wear them. NEVER.) so that's great.
Oh and next week I will also do that review video about all that beauty stuff I bought the last couple of months.
Next week everything will be better, readers! See you then.

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Man he wat is dat een prachtige foto!
Wat voorn camera heb je?