maandag 4 april 2011

Eyes, lips, face

I guess you've all heard of the cosmetic brand e.l.f.. This stands for Eyes, Lips, Face. I was very curious to test these products, as I never bought anything from e.l.f.. I got the chance to try out several products and this is my review!


So this is what I got: a nailpolish, a blush, an mineral powder, a liquid eyeliner and a 'zit zapper'.
It all came in a box with cute pink paper in it and everything was packed in carton and/or plastic (as you can see on the first photograph). First off: they ship superfast. I got an email my package was sent and a few days later I received it! Everything looks pretty professional (not cheap at all!)

OK, what do we have here? This is the Studio Blush in 'Pink Passion', and wow.. it's bright! As you can see it's really pigmented. The package is great and has a little mirror. I guess not everyone can wear this sort of pink, but for me it's a great colour. And the best thing: it's only €3,50! Now that's what we call supercheap huh?
One downside on this blush: there is lots of excess powder left over when you sweep your brush around.

Ahh nailpolish, my specialty! This is called Essential Nail Polish in 'bubble gum pink'. You can order this for only €1. I didn't expect much of the nailpolish, as it's only $1 and I have pretty high expectations of a nailpolish. But it kinda surprised me. It's absolutely not the best nailpolish I have ever used, but the colour is pretty (and bright!) and the formula is rather good. It needs 3 thin layers to cover completely. This is not ideal, but it will work if you have a little bit more time to do your nails.

Then we have the Essentials Liquid Eyeliner in 'black' (
€1) and the Essentials Zit Zapper (€1). The liquid eyeliner works fine but it's quite hard to create a thin line above your eye, as the 'brush' tends to pick up a lot of eyeliner. The Zit Zapper is a little roller which helps to fight and prevent acné, reduce redness and swelling and minimize pore size. It's smells like Camphor (which is not a favourite scent of mine..) and it feels fresh on the skin. I think it's a little bit too liquid, you easily use too much of it. I can't really tell you if it works, because for that I have to try it out longer, but you can see the reviews of other users on the e.l.f. site.

And last but not least, the Mineral Booster in 'sheer', which is €5. The cool thing about this is that's it is sheer, so everyone can use it. The package is, again, really nice and looks professional. The good thing about this powder is that you won't get the 'pancake'-effect (which I hate). But the bad thing is that my skin started to shine after a couple of hours. I don't have a really oily skin, but sometimes it tends to shine a little bit. One thing I need from a powder is to really mattify my skin, and this powder fails to do that.

So, this was my review of the products I received! Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by the products. Especially the packages are really nice and do not look or feel cheap at all. I recommend the blush and the nailpolish, as it's cheap, works well and they have a lot of beautiful colours! Be sure to check them out.
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This review contains products which were send to me by a brand or company. This will never influence my personal opinion about these products, you always get a honest review

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Amber zei

Leuk mied!
x amber

Suz zei

die blush is echt mooi!


gaaf, moet ik ook proberen:)

Fashiable zei

De nagellak is echt prachtig!

Marissa zei

Welke nagellak heb je op? Ziet er super uit!

Marjolein zei

@ Marissa, bij de laatste foto bedoel je? Daar draag ik een donkerrood van Catrice met daarover heen Nfu Oh nr 51!