dinsdag 17 mei 2011

leave the world behind.

Posh Spice - Fancy Fuchsia - Cocktail Passion - Ruby me - Peppermint - Aqua blue - Clearly clear

My mom and I have seven Rimmel nailpolishes together, so I thought it would be nice to do a blogpost with swatches and a review!

First off; I absolutely love the colours Rimmel make. They're simpel, most of them are just creamy without any shimmer of glitters. Just how I like it!
These Lycra Pro polishes have a maxi brush, which makes applying super easy. The formula is not too thick and not too thin, just perfect.
These beauties cost €6,99 which is not extremely cheap but not really expensive either. I got many of these polishes during sale (when they were €4,99 or even €2,50) so I'm really happy with these haha.
The topcoat (Clearly clear) is also really nice and smooth.

Although the nailpolishes promise to remain on your nails for 10 days.. they don't. For me this isn't really a problem though, because I like to wear another colour every day ^^

So, I really recommend these Rimmel Lycra Pro nailpolishes! They're gorgeous; just take a look at the swatches beneath!
Two coats is perfectly fine (except for Peppermint, that one really needs 3 coats, as you can see)

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Femke zei

Vrolijke kleurtjes! I like them!

Lana. zei

Mooie kleurtjes! Vind Aqua Cool echt gaaf :).

Suz zei

wat een leukerds bij elkaar! aqua cool heb ik ook, maar pepper mint wil ik nog ^^!

Bodine zei
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Miranda zei

Oeh die Posh spice is heel mooi!

Sam zei

Wat een mooie lakjes :D