donderdag 12 mei 2011

one, two, three.

It was a really difficult (that's why it took me so long haha, I'm sorry) but the winner of my give-away is... Mayke! You said very helpful things and I thought you and me are are on the same level when it comes to my blog (except for the music updates, which you don't like haha). Anyway, thanks a lot and you can email your adress to The package will be coming your way as soon as possible!

But actually, it didn't felt good to choose only one person. There was another person who did her best to write an honest, good review about my blog and I thought she deserved something too. And that's you, Suzanne! I really appreciate the fact you gave your honest opinion about my blog and you also said some helpful things! You also mentioned you love nailpolish, so I put together a little package with some nailpolishes for you! You can also email me at :)

I'm reaaaally busy with school. I have my final exams in a week and school is a priority right now. So there will probably be less updates, I hope you don't mind and I'm sorry!

I made a twitter-account a long time ago, but I was never really active on Twitter. But now, between the studying, I'm addicted to Twitter haha! It would be cool if you would follow me :)
You can find my twitter here!

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