dinsdag 31 mei 2011

This town, this town

Never really knew what to do with this sheer Koh nailpolish. Even with 4 layers it was very sheer and not pretty at all. But a few days ago I decided to try it with a black layer underneath. And now it's really pretty!

This is Koh - Down under! nr 183

8 opmerkingen:

Fashionable and me♥ zei

Mooi kleurtje!
En super super veel plezier op vakantie!
In vond het heel leuk om je filmje te zien

Littlefashiolista zei

wauw wat een mooi lakje!
veel plezier <3

Suz zei

wat een beauty!

Gioia zei

Prachtige kleur

Lana. zei

Wauw, super kleurtje!

Tea For Two zei

Yeah, sometimes it just takes a little adjustment to find something can work perfectly. Great shade.

Yvet zei

erg leuk!

Meekay zei

Great colour!!