donderdag 11 augustus 2011

Orly - meet me under the mistletoe

Last week I received my Trans Design order and in the following weeks I will show you every nailpolish I got :)

This nailpolish is absolutely GORGEOUS. Orly makes these wonderful shimmery/foily nailpolishes and they're my absolute favourite. Applying is very easy, but you'll need three coats. With Orly three coats isn't a punishment though, because it applies super smoothly!
This one is called Orly - meet me under the mistletoe

5 opmerkingen:

mauranne zei

love the nail polish and you apply it so perfect!! how do you do that?

friday night bitch fight

Fashiable zei

Prachtig kleurtje

Suz zei

aaah i love this one!

maar trans design bestaat toch niet meer, of heb ik dat mis?

perfect hippie zei

Dit is echt een hele mooi kleur!

S. zei

mooi kleurtje dit !