vrijdag 9 september 2011

I hold on tight.

A simple, relax-outfit. I looove skinny jeans with a loose top. I got this orange nailpolish in Turkey and it's supercheap, superlonglasting and superneon. Awesome.

top gift / circle scarf Zara / pants Topshop / shoes Converse

3 opmerkingen:

Lana. zei

Leuke outfit en vette nagellak :).

Fashiable zei

De laatste foto is echt vrolijk en mooi! Heerlijk sjaaltje overigens


Raez zei

Hey Mar! Glad to see you looking so happy and beautiful as always:) Absolutely loving your orange nail polish, and your eyebrows--is it just me, or do they look a little thicker--anyways, they look great! :)

Hope you had a fantastic summer, Skype soon?

xx Raez