woensdag 2 november 2011

Perfectly designed.

A few things I found on ze internets:

1. Oh my, this bag is so gorgeous! Wouldn't it be the perfect schoolbag? It's from Topshop
2/3. I need more jeans in my life. I only have one pair of black jeans and although they are awesome, I want something else too. Still haven't made my mind up whether to choose blue or wine red ones.. both from Topshop
4. THESE SHOES! Super shiny! I need to go visit the Zara store immediately.

4 opmerkingen:

Jantine zei

Nou klinkt prima toch? En volgens mij heb je leuke huisgenoten, dat is ook fijn :) (bij mij precies hetzelfde verhaal, zuilen is ook niet helemaal je van het maar heb het prima naar m'n zin!)
Die schoenen zijn heeeul vet!

Raez zei

great picks, those gold zara ones are amazing...at first I thought they were Doc Martens!

PS glad you liked my halloween get up! I didn't think many people would get it, as I always thought it was more of a north american show :P Also, I am doing great! I miss talking to you, how are you? Are you enjoying university and Urecht? We should skype soon when you're free :)

xx Raez

Hannah zei

Ziet er super leuk uit!


Emmelien zei

Die tas schrééuwt jouw naam! :)