zaterdag 30 april 2011

I just can't hide.

The love of my life (don't tell my boyfriend I said that) has arrived; this is my brand new ASOS bag! It's absolutely gorgeous and it smells like leather (mmm!)

donderdag 28 april 2011

I starts in my toes.

A few beauty buys I did this morning @ Kruidvat.
I've been lemming this L'Oréal bronzer for such a long time and now I finally have it :) I also bought my favourite mascara as backup. And being me, I had to buy a few nailpolishes of course. Rimmel has the cutest colours and their nailpolishes are fantastic so be sure to check them out.

There's 50% discount at Kruidvat, until sunday!

woensdag 27 april 2011

A single rose

I'm sorry for being such a terrible blogger lately. I'm just really busy with getting ready for my final exams, which will be in a few weeks; ieee! Hope you guys understand!

so, two things:
1. You need to listen to this song a good friend of mine wrote :) It's really cool.
2. Join my give-away! still open 'till the first of May. click here!

zondag 24 april 2011

Review: Rimmel day 2 night mascara

A few days ago I received this brand new mascara from Etos (working at a drugstore has its benefits, yay) and since it's not for sale yet I decided to do a review. This way you can decide whether you're gonna buy it or not when it becomes available in store!

So what do we have here?
The Rimmel Glam'eyes Day 2 Night mascara is a mascara with two separate caps. When you unscrew the top part (length) a brush with little product will appear. When you open the second cap (volume), you will see the same brush, although this time the brush will have a lot more product.

What does it promise?
Top cap: Exceptionally defined and ultra-lengthened lashes
Bottom cap: Thickens lashes with voluptuous, oversized volume. No clumps.

Sounds promising, doesn't it? Let's put it to the test!

As you can see, the length layer separates the lashes pretty well. I hate clotted lashes so this is great! But.. the volume layer kinda destroys the 'defined lashes'-effect. Although the second layer gives my lashes volume, it also sticks them together like crazy.

What do I think?
Personally this is not gonna be my new favourite mascara. It does give your lashes length and volume, but if you use several layers it will get very messy.
However, I know some people like their lashes big and voluptuous. If you're one of those, this might be a nice mascara for you!

donderdag 21 april 2011

and then let go, let go

This pic is from a few weeks ago, my friend Ka chun took it.
Mmm icecream!

dinsdag 19 april 2011

Making up for teenage crime.

This outfit would be pretty amazing! I bought these shorts today and they are lovely. Thinking about buying the blazer too, it's gorgeous! (and quite expensive, unfortunately..)

blazer Zara / shorts H&M conscious collection / sunnies ASOS / sandals Topshop

maandag 18 april 2011

My head's in the sky

Oh what a lovely day!
My sister and I went through the neighbourhood to find pretty photoshoot-places and we discovered these nice gardens and lovely blossom trees.

babydoll dress Topshop / glitter tights ? / flats UNISA

Give away!


So this is the big surprise; a give-away!

The rules:
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zondag 17 april 2011

I love you in the morning.

Friday's outfit :) The garden in front of my house looks so pretty now
Remember to come back tonight for the special surprise!

longsleeve Sutherland / sleeveless cardigan Pieces / necklace vintage / skirt H&M / flats UNISA

zaterdag 16 april 2011

You show the lights

Just a quick update with these LOVELY items from ASOS. I fell seriously in love with this bag. Oh my god, it's gorgeous! The loafers are also super cute.
But.. the bag's £85 and the shoes are £35

I need more money *cry*

vrijdag 15 april 2011

2009 - the outfits

Today; my outfits of 2009!
I remember I really started to develop my personal style in this year. I also began enjoying taking lots of pictures of my outfits. I did my own little photoshoots ^^

+ I cut my hair really short for the first time in my life haha

woensdag 13 april 2011

The stats

Some like to keep their statistics private, but in this special week I'd like to make them public!
I was especially surprised by Poland ranking third. I know I have a few Polish followers (Hi Anja!) but I didn't know I had that much :') Hey unknown Polish followers!

dinsdag 12 april 2011

2008 - the outfits

Ok.. let's go back to the start.

Well, first let's go back to before-the-start:
When I was 14 years old, I started to take photographs of my outfits.
I remember 2007/2008 as the years of new rave. Coloured skinny jeans (hey, haven't we seen that trend this spring too? ^^), boombox necklaces, bright colours..
Luckily I only had one bright skinny. For the rest I had quite boring (and weird!) outfits, as you can see.

When I started blogging in april my style changed a lot. I began to wear dresses instead of jeans and I bought my first pair of high heels. I actually like this style.. I think it was kinda cute. I would not wear those outfits now, but hey, for a 15-year-old girl they were pretty cool :')

maandag 11 april 2011

It's a celebration

I'm proud to announce that I wrote my first blogpost on 11 April 2008, exactly three years ago.
To celebrate la mode-rétro's 3th birthday, this week I will be focusing on the last three years and everything this blog has been through! :)

At the end of the week I have a special surprise for you, so stay tuned!

zondag 10 april 2011

I can see it in your eyes

Oops, it's about time for a music update! Enjoy this wonderful sunday

vrijdag 8 april 2011

Have I lost it all?

How cool are these new Topshop rings? Gotta love these bright colour combinations. I want sunny days!

woensdag 6 april 2011

I love you till the end

Some lovely items from Urban outfitters, ASOS and Nelly!

maandag 4 april 2011

Eyes, lips, face

I guess you've all heard of the cosmetic brand e.l.f.. This stands for Eyes, Lips, Face. I was very curious to test these products, as I never bought anything from e.l.f.. I got the chance to try out several products and this is my review!


So this is what I got: a nailpolish, a blush, an mineral powder, a liquid eyeliner and a 'zit zapper'.
It all came in a box with cute pink paper in it and everything was packed in carton and/or plastic (as you can see on the first photograph). First off: they ship superfast. I got an email my package was sent and a few days later I received it! Everything looks pretty professional (not cheap at all!)

OK, what do we have here? This is the Studio Blush in 'Pink Passion', and wow.. it's bright! As you can see it's really pigmented. The package is great and has a little mirror. I guess not everyone can wear this sort of pink, but for me it's a great colour. And the best thing: it's only €3,50! Now that's what we call supercheap huh?
One downside on this blush: there is lots of excess powder left over when you sweep your brush around.

Ahh nailpolish, my specialty! This is called Essential Nail Polish in 'bubble gum pink'. You can order this for only €1. I didn't expect much of the nailpolish, as it's only $1 and I have pretty high expectations of a nailpolish. But it kinda surprised me. It's absolutely not the best nailpolish I have ever used, but the colour is pretty (and bright!) and the formula is rather good. It needs 3 thin layers to cover completely. This is not ideal, but it will work if you have a little bit more time to do your nails.

Then we have the Essentials Liquid Eyeliner in 'black' (
€1) and the Essentials Zit Zapper (€1). The liquid eyeliner works fine but it's quite hard to create a thin line above your eye, as the 'brush' tends to pick up a lot of eyeliner. The Zit Zapper is a little roller which helps to fight and prevent acné, reduce redness and swelling and minimize pore size. It's smells like Camphor (which is not a favourite scent of mine..) and it feels fresh on the skin. I think it's a little bit too liquid, you easily use too much of it. I can't really tell you if it works, because for that I have to try it out longer, but you can see the reviews of other users on the e.l.f. site.

And last but not least, the Mineral Booster in 'sheer', which is €5. The cool thing about this is that's it is sheer, so everyone can use it. The package is, again, really nice and looks professional. The good thing about this powder is that you won't get the 'pancake'-effect (which I hate). But the bad thing is that my skin started to shine after a couple of hours. I don't have a really oily skin, but sometimes it tends to shine a little bit. One thing I need from a powder is to really mattify my skin, and this powder fails to do that.

So, this was my review of the products I received! Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by the products. Especially the packages are really nice and do not look or feel cheap at all. I recommend the blush and the nailpolish, as it's cheap, works well and they have a lot of beautiful colours! Be sure to check them out.
You can order all these items ánd more on

This review contains products which were send to me by a brand or company. This will never influence my personal opinion about these products, you always get a honest review

zaterdag 2 april 2011

Dreaming is believing.

You've already seen this jacket, but it deserves a proper introduction:
This is my new, awesome, fantastic, sequined, jacket. I found it on Ebay and I just had to have it. The beads and sequins are all over the place, and it looks just awesome.

I combined it with a rather simple top and jeans, but to add a little bit more power also with my lady gaga-ish sunglasses haha.

Jacket vintage / jeans MOTO topshop / top ASOS / flats UNISA / sunglasses ?

vrijdag 1 april 2011

I promise you

My friend Ka chun got his first DSLR; the canon EOS 550D! As you all know I love photography, so I had to try it out. Especially the video-function.. And oh my god, it's wonderful! We filmed for a couple of hours with my 50 mm f/1.8 lens (PURE LOVE, I'm telling you) and I summarized it into a short fun video. Many people voted on 'more personal videos' in my poll a few weeks ago, so I hope you will enjoy this video :)