woensdag 21 september 2011

Your heart's a mess.

Pfoeh, last week was pretty hectic! I've been busy with school and rowing (my newest hobby) and my boyfriend left the country for an internship in Turkey. I also painted my entire room (it's almost done, it's almost done :D)

1. my bed in the first week of staying in Utrecht, with my old bedsheets
2. me and my good friend slash roommate doing the dishes
3. A goodbye hug at Schiphol. See you in 3 months!

woensdag 14 september 2011

Everytime she closes her eyes.

I love autumn and winter. It means I can wear sweaters again! Yesterday I bought this lovely item at Zara after college (I love studying in Utrecht!). It's the perfect blue and it's really warm.
Living in Utrecht is really nice. (for the ones who did not know: I found a room!) My roommates are cool, my study is nice and I'm really busy (but in a good way). When my room is finished I'll show you some pictures!

zaterdag 10 september 2011

Tell me what you think

My mum found this second handed nail polish stand for all my polishes! Looks great, doesn't it? :)

vrijdag 9 september 2011

I hold on tight.

A simple, relax-outfit. I looove skinny jeans with a loose top. I got this orange nailpolish in Turkey and it's supercheap, superlonglasting and superneon. Awesome.

top gift / circle scarf Zara / pants Topshop / shoes Converse

woensdag 7 september 2011

Ooh la la

This song makes me SO happy, adore it! :)


maandag 5 september 2011

I'm falling in love

My new silver sweater from H&M. Photographs are shot with my Diana lens :) Love the dreamy effect <3
This week there will be less updates then usual, because I have my study introduction!

vrijdag 2 september 2011

Is anybody listening?

Another polish from the big Transdesign order I did a few weeks ago. This lovely glitterpolish is from Color Club and it's called 'tru passion'
It needs 4 coats but it stays on your nails like crazy. I could barely get it off!