maandag 30 januari 2012

Paradise, here we come.

Although it's snowing outside, I love the spring/summer items Topshop have released this week. It seems they're pretty into aztec/hippy/bohemian stuff lately! Like it :)

vrijdag 27 januari 2012

Giving me a chance.

A quick personal update I recorded a few days ago (in dutch ^^)

donderdag 19 januari 2012

These are things I don't understand.

I don't know what has gotten into me, but BAM! another outfitpost!
A few days ago I was looking through my old outfitposts and I felt like I needed to change something. This blog hasn't been the same as it used to be and that made me sad. So all of the sudden I have some renewed inspiration and that definitely shows in my choice of clothing. The last few months I've been wearing boring outfits most of the time and it's time to change that. More patterns, unusual combinations and fun :)

tee Urban Outfitters / shorts Topshop / necklace vintage / flats Unisa

maandag 16 januari 2012

We can burn brighter than the sun

I know there has been a serious lack of outfit posts, but don't worry: I'm still wearing clothes.
Today, for example, I've been wearing this strange combination of floral tights and a checked shirt. For some reason though, I really like this mashup of patterns and colours. It seems weird to put together but it actually looks pretty nice as a combo!

It's still hard to take proper outfit shots in my room but I'm doing my best!

tights ? / shirt American Apparel / scarf ZARA

donderdag 12 januari 2012

December in photographs

Christmas dinner / Christmas at home, wearing my ASOS dress / my room in Utrecht / lovely Antwerp / Allstars love / awesome train tickets

dinsdag 3 januari 2012


A video report from Frankfurt, where I went to see Coldplay with my roomies, boyfriend and father :)